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There’s comes a time in most practitioner’s careers when a client requires a services that is “beyond our ken”. It has happened to me on more than one occasion.

Fortunately, I have always maintained contact with a number of specialists in various areas, who have managed to plug any gap in my knowledge base, and clients have been well served by this process.

From time to time I am approached by firms in need of a professional referral to solve a client’s problem(s) as the sometimes contradictory opinions offered in the “popular” online forums have not quite hit the spot. Accordingly, I am considering creating a space on the Landmark site where firms can request and/or provide professional assistance to colleagues in need of specialist support. This will not be a forum for opinion swaps – Accounting Web is the place to go – this will be a secure place to find support with client related issues on a professional basis.

At this stage, I am gauging support for this notion – before committing to the online development required – I just need to know if this is a service that practitioners feel is required and one that they would use. Reply to or add a comment to this post.

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