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Budget highlights video for your website?

Budget highlights 22 November 2017

Do you still rely on the written word to update your website visitors? Have you thought of adding video content instead? Research demonstrates that watching a video is replacing reading of text. Visitors stay longer and absorb more if you have video content.

Try our Budget highlights video. We still have capacity to offer guaranteed next day delivery and the video can be branded with your logo and contact details.

I will be writing the script and will focus on issues of interest to your business and personal tax clients.

As always, we will employ a professional voice-over speaker, and the video will display graphics, text and other visual cues. We offer a generic and branded version.

Two versions are available:

  • BudgetBox Basic £190 plus VAT: the generic version supplied as iFrame code, no branding.
  • BudgetBox Plus £260 plus VAT: the branded version, topped and tailed with your logo and contact details, supplied as iFrame code and a copy of the recorded MP4 file for upload to YouTube or a similar platform.

We write the script and organize production. The code we send you can be incorporated into your website in minutes.

RESERVE YOUR COPY HERE no billing or payments taken until Budget day.

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