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Xero users take note

I am relaunching my Xero add-on, Scoop, today.

Scoop will help you manage your clients’ Xero data more efficiently. By linking multiple clients’ data to Scoop you can view a diagnostic overview on one screen, no more toggling between data sets. Additionally, Scoop will enable you to:

  • Identify clients that may need to register for VAT – and therefore by affected by MTD from April 2019.
  • Record notes and setup alerts
  • Keep an eye on posting activity
  • Identify clients in need of your help

Once you have linked a client to Scoop (takes just a few seconds) we automatically update the data feed on a daily basis and so every time you open Scoop you are looking at real-time numbers.

View practice wide Xero results for all linked clients on our unique report grid

Build a permanent record of past problems and how they have been solved

By drilling down to our Client Review page, you can view a detailed P&L and Balance Sheet. You can also add notes and alerts that will build into a review diary for each client and remind your partners and staff to complete future review tasks. Over time this facility, to add notes, will ensure that past actions, problems and solutions are fully documented so that changes in staff do not mean their experience and actions are lost.

60 day complimentary use – launch offer

I am offering subscribers to my Weekly Insights list free use of Scoop for 60 days – this extended offer is subject to demand and is unlikely to extend beyond the end of this month.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER HERE or view dedicated website for more information. To claim your 60 days free period simply enter the launch offer code SMT9X at the bottom of the order form.

Best regards,

Bob Edwards





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