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Did you miss our launch last week?

Just in case you missed my launch post last week – away with the family for half-term – this is a repeat for your benefit.

A GDPR compliance solution for accountants

I have launched a GDPR compliance solution for accountants, essentially a Workbook that when completed provides evidence that you have covered the bases necessary for you to consider your firm compliant with the GDPR, and various other documents and downloads to deal with your obligations under the GDPR.

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I am using the same Workbook to achieve the desired result for my practice the Swan Partnership. I am not going to rush the project, I intend to complete one step of the 12 step process each week, in this way I will have the job done before the 25 May 2018 deadline.

Progress is being documented on this blog and you can follow my exploits here.

I should stress that you will need to buy the Workbook to make sense of my commentary.

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