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STEP 2 GDPR Workbook – completing Record of Processing

The second step in my progress towards GDPR compliance is to complete the next page in my GDPR Workbook, the Record of Processing. As readers following these weekly posts will remember I am tackling the process in a leisurely fashion, one step a week for 12 weeks so I don’t place an unreasonable strain on my diary. I will still complete the process before the 25 May 2018 deadline.

What is the Record of Processing?

It is an editable list of the variables that are used to create the various reports and tables throughout the Workbook. In effect, its a record of information about your practice and a description of certain data that describes the types of personal data you manage and other standard statements required by the GDPR.

Much of the work is already done for you

You will need to read and edit the information in column D of the Workbook sheet, it’s highlighted in blue. In my case, I changed the practice information and made minor changes to the pre-filled standard statements.

30 minutes time required for this section

I completed this section in 30 minutes, which means my total time allocated to completing steps 1 and 2 has been just 1 hour.

Next week I will be tackling step 3 – the Data Retention Schedule.

Have you obtained a copy of our GDPR Workbook yet?

Firms that have not yet acquired our GDPR Workbook can view full details of what is on offer here.

I will continue to record my progress in completing the Workbook for my practice and will aim to be compliant before the 25 May 2018 deadline. A list of my posts, for those who need to catch up, are listed here.

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