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STEP 3 – Editing the Data Retention Schedule

Step 3 of the GDPR Workbook is the review and edit of the entries in the Data Retention Schedule.

What is the Data Retention Schedule?

The Data Retention Schedule is the place where you record various information about ALL sources of personal data you hold; whether this be of clients, prospects, staff or other business contacts.

In a nutshell it lists a variety of record types that cover the data, who looks after it, any basis for retention and other considerations required under the GDPR.

Much of the work is done for you

Before you panic, I pre-populated the first twenty lines of the Schedule with a generic description of most of the data records an accountancy practice will create. Accordingly, all you will need to do, as I have just done for the Swan Partnership, is edit, add or delete to mirror your practice data retention routines. In particular you should list the names of third-parties in column M of the worksheet, who are sent your personal data records.

45 minutes time required for this section

I completed this section in 45 minutes, which means my total time allocated to completing steps 1 to 3 has been 1 hour 45 minutes.

Next week I will be tackling step 4 – reviewing the Privacy Notice for my website.

Have you obtained a copy of our GDPR Workbook yet?

Firms that have not yet acquired our GDPR Workbook can view full details of what is on offer here.

I will continue to record my progress in completing the Workbook for my practice and will aim to be compliant before the 25 May 2018 deadline. A list of my posts, for those who need to catch up, are listed here.



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