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STEP 4 – create a Privacy Notice for your online resources

This week my GDPR chore was to edit the Privacy Notice in the Workbook and send it to my website developer.

What is a Privacy Notice?

The Privacy Notice is required to be accessible from any online resources that you use to collect personal data. Your website is the prime example, but it could be Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform that your practice uses.

The Notice explains how you respect, protect, collect and otherwise manage the personal data collected from your online platforms.

Do I have to create this document from scratch?

No… The Workbook creates the basic document based on the information you have already entered in steps 1 to 3. However, you will need to edit the copy. I suggest you follow the process I completed today. It was:

  • Edit the Workbook page for Step 4, you can edit the text where necessary (The key section is columns D and E). Don’t worry too much at this stage about layout, fonts etc.
  • When you have completed your basic edit highlight the range D4 to E125, right click and Copy, and paste into a new Word document. From here you can tidy up formatting and use this document to send to your web developer(s).

45 minutes time required for this section

I completed this section in 45 minutes, which means my total time allocated to completing steps 1 to 4 has been 2 hours 30 minutes.

Next week I will be tackling step 5 – reviewing the Privacy Notice for my employees.

Have you obtained a copy of our GDPR Workbook yet?

Firms that have yet to acquire our GDPR Workbook can view full details of what is on offer here.

I will continue to record my progress in completing the Workbook for my practice and will aim to be compliant before the 25 May 2018 deadline. A list of my posts, for those who need to catch up, are listed here.

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