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STEP 6 – create Client Agreement Notice…

The GDPR requires that we are conscious of the terms we agree with persons who share their personal data with us. For accountants this is normally covered in terms and conditions that accompany client engagement letters.

Step 6 of our GDPR Workbook draws out the issues that need to be covered. Most of the information on Step 6 is drawn from the Record of Processing. Basically, the black copy can be edited.

No short cuts, just need to read the copy and change as necessary.

Changes to your letters of engagement?

The final section is important, the example contractual terms. You should already have something similar in your existing engagement letters. Edit the text on your workbook and then copy and paste into your present documents. This may cause complications if your professional overseers determine what goes in your T & Cs and engagement letters. If the two are at variance you should take up the differences with your professional body.

1 hour required for this section

I estimate you will need 60 minutes to edit this page, which means my total time allocated to completing steps 1 to 6 has been 4 hours 15 minutes.

Next week I will be taking a look at the Privacy Notice checklist and Step 7, a big one, Marketing Consent.

Have you obtained a copy of our GDPR Workbook yet?

Firms that have yet to acquire our GDPR Workbook can view full details of what is on offer here.

I will continue to record my progress in completing the Workbook for my practice and will aim to be compliant before the 25 May 2018 deadline. A list of my posts, for those who need to catch up, are listed here.


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